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On our Skincare Masterclasses students will receive our specialised expert training & guidance, personalised skincare regime with a complete Personalised Skincare Prescription, Diet & lifestyle suggestions, through to recommended Professional Beauty Treatments to suit individual student’s skin requirements with us to help improve and balance the natural PH balance of the skin, enhancing the appearance and instilling the individual with renewed self confidence, self esteem & self respect for themselves regarding their skin and their appearance.
Includes Theory & Practical of Skincare Routine, Personalised skincare regime and recommended products for the skin.

On our Special Skincare Master Class we will show you a few simple daily skincare steps which can greatly improve the appearance of your skin. A few basic steps will become like a “Mantra” and stay with you for life. The early teenage years are the most important time to train yourself how to care & groom your skin, as the skin changes, adolescence kick starts, hormones play havoc resulting in skin issues, sluggish congested skins and acne breakouts which dampen self confidence. It is at this stage in life as you mature into young adults, when it is VITAL to start your Skincare regime if you wish to have clean, youthful and radiant skin through your life.

With our Specialised Expert Training & Guidance, we recommend a Personalised Skincare Regime for your skin with a complete Personalised Skincare Prescription for you, targeting skin issues, enhancing your appearance and instilling you with renewed self confidence, self esteem regarding your skin and your appearance, through to recommending Professional Beauty Treatments with us, for individuals whom have severe acne etc & whom would benefit from advanced treatments to solve skin issues.

Girls aged 12 -18 yrs


On our Adult Anti Aging Skincare Master Class clients will receive our specialised expert training & guidance, personalised skincare regime to help you improve the appearance of your skin, a complete Personalised Skincare Prescription listing all the Anti Aging products you should be using to prevent lines, wrinkles and sagginess are recommended. Advanced Anti Aging Facial treatments are recommended which can greatly help to further improve your skin’s appearance, helping to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles preventing further aging. Diet & lifestyles suggestions are also given.

This class is ideal for people whom do not know how to look after their facial skin, have sluggish appearance and do not have a cleansing regime and need to know how and what products they should be using to improve their skin and prevent aging.

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Our handy skincare book provides valuable guidance and expert beauty tips, on skincare and grooming and how to look after your skin. Following a few simple daily skincare steps can greatly improve the appearance of your skin, these basic steps will become like a “mantra” and stay with you for life.

An excellent reference tool complementing our Skincare Masterclass, ideal for young girls and ladies of all ages.

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