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Vandana is Professional Beauty & Holistic Therapist & Makeup Artist and Author.

Her Beauty Career started working as a Beauty Consultant for prestigious houses such as Estee Lauder, Christian Dior, Lancome to Giorgio Armani at London’s Leading department stores.  She has gained valuable knowledge, expertise and experience in Make Overs and skin care.

Her passion for beauty and glamour together with her professionalism lead her to be one of the most recommended names by the top houses to Launch their products & carry out beauty treatments. Her love for beauty inspired her to train extensively as a Beauty & Holistic Therapist & Professional Makeup Artist which she had a natural flare for. She introduced “Karismha” Beauty providing and the latest beauty & holistic treatments to all her clients along with complete Bridal services. Vandana ensures she is at the forefront of the latest make up & fashion trends, along with the latest beauty treatments to bring the best to all her clients. Vandana’s work is graced in glossy magazines such as the Asian Bride & Asiana.

Vandana is loved by her clients who respect her for her knowledge in skincare, professional beauty & holistic treatments and excellent client care.

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Clients ask me how come my skin is in such good condition & so clean, my answer

” I started caring for my skin when I was a “teen” that was a start to healthy skin!

Good Skincare and Professional Treatments can slow down aging by 10 years!

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Beautiful Skin Expertsz Approach

Beauty Expert Vandana Malhotra had one vision in mind, with the aim to help and educate the young youth & ladies, of how to achieve & maintain clean, healthy looking skin. With this mission in mind she Introduces a   “Specialised Skincare Masterclass”.

With many years of Experience in the Beauty Industry as Beauty Therapist she found that vast amounts of youth, young ladies through to mature ladies in their late 40’s and 50’s, do not know the how to care for their skins on a daily basis.

On our Special Skincare Masterclasses we will show you how, by following a few simple daily skincare steps which can greatly improve the appearance of your skin, these basic steps will become like a “mantra” and stay with you for life.

The early teenage years are the most important time to train yourself how to care & groom your skin, as the skin changes, adolescence Kick starts, hormones play havoc resulting in skin issues, such as sluggish congested skins and acne breakouts which dampen self confidence. It is at this stage in life as you mature into young adults, when it is VITAL to start your Skincare regime if you wish to have clean, youthful and radiant skin.

With our Specialised Expert Training & Guidance, we recommend a Personalised Skincare Regime for your skin with a complete Personalised Skincare Prescription for you, to help improve and balance your skin and targeting skin issues, to enhance your appearance and instilling you with renewed self confidence, self esteem regarding your skin and your appearance.